• Fleet Tracking

    Fleet management today relies heavily on GPS platforms and each vehicle in the fleet is equipped with a vehicle tracking component – which is mostly GPS based, but in some cases, cellular network based. After determining location, speed and direction, additional components can be gathered by the GPS tracking network and broadcast to a server. Here is a quick look at what GPS fleet tracking offers
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  • Tracking System

    MS02 is a server-based tracking software platform for web based GPS tracking. With MS02 and our trackers, you can track vehicles or other objects with real time location information in a standard web browser.

    With the use of our software, you can view tracker’s historical information in the user’s interface. Reports and alarm information are also available for user’s checking and analysis.

    With our software, you can configure the tracker by GPRS on MS02 and receive alarms, such as SOS, speeding, ignition on/off, etc.

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  • Lots of ModelsFeatures

    GPS Personal Tracker

    GPS Vehicle Tracker

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SAFA TECH is dedicated to providing the highest level of training support to our global partners.

SAFA TECH's Partner Support Platform allows our partners to view and download the latest product trainings manuals, company information and marketing collateral.

SAFA TECH is looking for buyers, resellers, OEM distributors to promote and sell our GPS tracking systems middle east.
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image Smallest GPS Tracker Suitable for the Blind, Elderly, Children and Pets. Recessed Braille SOS Button.Small Size. +


image IP66 Waterproof GPS Vehicle Tracker with Inbuilt GPS and GSM Antennas. Supports Ignition Detection and Tow Alarm. +


image GPS Tracking,Conversation, Alarms, Reports, Handset Phone, Camera, RFID, LCD Display and Fuel Sensor.+


image Logging, Listen-in,SOS Alarm, Geo-fence, Speeding Alarm, Impact Alarm, Tow Alarm, Antenna-cut Alarm, and Engine Cut. +


image The TC68 plug & play vehicle tracker is easy to use install. It's Compatible with all tyles of vehicles including business & logistics. +




Car GPS Tracker 
Support Logging, Listen-in or Two-ay Audio; 
SOS/Geo-fence/Speeding/Impact/Tow/Antenna-cut Alarms 
Engine Cut

Quality Of Service Offered To Customers


Quicker response to service demands.
Delivery of personalized reports to customers.
Increased quality of service offered to customers.
Proof of service possible through GPS data collection.
Information to customers of the estimated time to arrival.
Price negotiation based on factual and reliable data, including vehicle waiting times.
In case of transportation of perishable goods, avoid damage by controlling temperature in real time.
Direct information to special customers through Tracking (limited permissions given to customers to track some of the vehicles).

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Top Features

image fleet management. +
image personal tracking. +
image gps navigation. +

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We know your needs

SAFA TECH is 100% focused on professional vehicle tracking and fleet management for companies.


We do not develop anti carjacking or personal location. For as interesting as that would be, it would shift our attention and resources.
By focusing entirely on professional vehicle tracking, you can be sure that we know your needs and talk your language.

solid track record

vehicle tracking system was developed



The combined experience of our management and development teams are one of our biggest assets.
You can rely on our experience, passion and dedication. You can also rely on a solid company that has become a world reference in vehicle tracking.

Easy To Operate Solution

The first thing you will notice about SAFA TECH



is that its interface is really user-friendly. We designed it that way so that you'll be ready to operate in just a few minutes after basic training.
Anyway, if you need help, there are online hints available. And of course, we are always ready to help you too, just contact us.

Increased safety


Better driving behavior control: speed, driving times - fewer accidents
Real-time vehicle tracking increases possibility of immediate theft detection and vehicle recovery.

Higher protection of loads through door open sensors and temperature sensors
With the “GPS Controlled” bumper sticker - fewer thefts through dissuasion

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